Possible Nor’easter bomb next week could tear apart the fabric of our souls, not to mention our spines!

We all know only too well that weather predictions, especially those forecasting snow, are about as reliable as the warranty on that junker you purchased at Fast Eddie’s Very Used Cars.

So take it with a grain of salt (and does anybody actually ingest a mere grain of salt?) that we tortured souls in the mid-Atlantic coast could get hit with a Nor’easter bomb late Tuesday night.

We could be buried under an avalanche and buffeted by winds high enough to carve us in half, which would put a definite crimp in our tip-toeing through the tulips on Easter.

Then again, the storm could track east and dump all its misery on the sharks in the Atlantic Ocean.

Whatever the snow outcome, it seems semi-certain that the eastern U.S. will once again be subjected to freezing temperatures next week.

Ain’t global warming a bitch?


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