Whatever happened to tolerating players who are prime performers? The Eagles’ offense a diminished product without Jackson

OK, I get it that DeSean Jackson didn’t fall out of a 1950s episode of Leave It To Beaver or Ozzie and Harriet.

Jackson is not going to be a chaperone for the Vienna Boys Choir. Or be a church deacon.

Still, what kind of football sense did it make for the Eagles to jettison one of the NFL’s most breathtaking playmakers in the prime of his career without any compensation apparently because he rubbed Chip Kelly like sandpaper on his thong?

The Eagles knew about Jackson’s alleged gang connections years ago. The LADPD said the other day that Jackson has never been connected to any gang-related murders.

Aaron Hernandez he ain’t.

Of course, now there are whispers that the Eagles have more dirt on Jackson that they evidently are keeping to themselves. Maybe, maybe so. But rumors are like whiffs of smoke. Intangible until they are cast in concrete.

Those rumors are not scaring away the Redskins or other Jackson suitors now that he has been divested of his fat contract and is a free agent.

Before Jackson’s release, the Birds had trouble trading him because teams and their salary caps couldn’t digest his contract.

For the record, Jackson has never been arrested for anything more serious than marijuana possession and driving with tinted windows and those charges came five years ago and were eventually dropped.

Justin Bieber he ain’t.

Jackson has never tested positive for a banned substance.

What’s the worst thing he did in six years with the Eagles? He was suspended for one game in 2011 for missing a team meeting. They don’t give you the chair for that.

What he has done is make big plays more often than anybody in the history of the franchise, a lethal and proven speed merchant.

Now the Birds likely will have to draft a wideout, but that always is a crap shoot. If potential always translated into performance, Canton would be bursting at the seams.

Meanwhile, the Eagles have to make do with Riley Cooper, who had a couple big games in the middle of last season but was rather mediocre otherwise, and Jeremy Maclin, who doesn’t have game-breaking ability and that was before his ACL popped like a guitar string last summer.

You dug this Grand Canyon hole, Chip Kelly. Hope you have some extra magic tricks up your offensive genius sleeve to overcome Jackson’s loss.

Perhaps Jeff Lurie now will change Philadelphia’s nickname to the Boy Scouts.


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