Last one to Mars is a rotten asteroid

Remember NASA?

You know, the folks who turned the early astronauts into rock stars back when we thought that Americans soon would be spending more time in space than the folks on Star Trek, Star Wars and The Jetsons.

Then budget cuts essentially grounded NASA’s high profile and in turn America’s fascination with space.

But hold on to your rocket ships.

NASA plans some high-flying projects regarding space exploration — like grabbing an asteroid and throwing it at the moon just for kicks, sending people to Mars where real estate prices are cheaper, and laying the groundwork for permanent human settlements in the solar system so the NFL can expand.

With a lot of road work forthcoming on Berks County bridges and the West Shore Bypass, I can’t wait to either trade in my Lamborghini for one of those flying cars featured on The Jetsons or book a flight to check out Martian chicks.

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