If Donald Sterling was any more toxic he’d be radioactive

Donald Sterling is a vile, despicable octogenarian billionaire racist who for many years has been a pathetic owner of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers.

And now sponsors are pulling a fast break away from the Clippers in light of his purported comments to V. Stiviano, who is the poster child for the girlfriend from hell even if she’s hot enough to ignite a California forest fire and is 50 years younger than Sterling.

The NBA is holding a press conference tomorrow about its investigation into Sterling, who files lawsuits as frequently as V., evidently too special to have a first name, files her nails.

The NBA should suspend Sterling for the remainder of the playoffs and fine his ugly ass even if it is a symbolic gesture considering his wealth.

The league should also tar and feather him at halftime of Tuesday night’s Clippers game but that wouldn’t be too PC.

And then Sterling’s fellow NBA owners should drum his ass out of the league in the offseason.

Sterling brings a slave owner’s mentality to owning a team in a league that is primarily black.

He evidently disdains them as field hands even if he pays them well enough to live in mansions.

The Clippers have sucked for years. And now that they have a good shot at the NBA title, their train wreck of an owner may have derailed his own team.

That’s Donald Sterling for you.

I suspect he won’t be Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.

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