Prom draft a gift from heaven for boys who aren’t teen heartthrobs

I did not go to my high school prom because I didn’t become impossibly handsome and an irresistible chick magnet until my college years.

It’s a shame my high school didn’t have the prom draft tradition that a Southern California high school has.

Administrators at the affluent Corona del Mar High are discouraging students from participating in a prom draft that involves male students ranking female students and then selecting a date from the favored pool.

Male students draw draft picks in a lottery but can pay to improve their draft number so they can pick the date of their choice.

Meaning a gangly, skinny, pimply-faced nerd with braces on his teeth can take the homecoming queen who would cause cardiac arrest in a yak to the prom if he gets the top pick in the draft or has deep pockets.

School administrators don’t like how the draft objectifies or judges girls.

But let’s get real. High school boys and girls objectify or judge each other with or without a draft.

It comes with their teenage DNA.

Blame it on young hormones surging faster than the rapids on Thunder River.


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