U.S. needs to totally ignore Iraq and let the Lannisters of Casterly Rock deal with it

Iraq has been a vile four-letter word in recent American history.

If they were handing out a Nobel Prize for stupidity, the U.S. would have won it for getting involved in Iraq.

We should have known that a country with a severe shortage of comedy clubs and strip clubs was no place for Americans.

We squandered precious blood and treasure fighting in a country that needs a savior like it needs more sand.

Not only are the Iraqis allergic to democracy, they are highly allergic to stability and civility.

Those folks fight each other much more often than they brush their teeth.

Of course, Iraq’s decay transcends mere tooth decay.

With Iraq once again imploding like the Miami Heat, White House officials say special forces may go there.

This bit of insanity comes barely three days after President Obama said the U.S. would not send troops into combat in Iraq.

Last I looked, special forces aren’t exactly file clerks.

Perhaps having some boots on the ground has been deemed necessary because targeting air strikes at the terrorists tearing Iraq apart like a cheap rayon suit has a slight problem.

We have no idea who we are supposed to hit.

American intelligence and defense officials believe that some of the people fighting with the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) are former U.S. allies who could be turned against the hard-core fanatics –- if they can be identified.

Slippery slopes are bad news unless they are ski slopes or aquatic park water slides.

We should avoid any engagement with Iraq as if it were poison ivy.

We’ve already scratched that itch.

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