Two miracles aside, the Eagles’ passing game has been misfiring

Last night was a bad night for atheists.

Miracles do happen.

Of course, so far this young season they seem to happen every week to the Philadelphia Eagles.

They are specializing in making the biggest comebacks since Lazarus was playing in the Old Testament League.

The Birds’ legend is swelling like a blowfish.

They have the unique capacity to turn frowns upside down in the Greater Delaware Valley.

Granted, Chip Kelly is the premier offensive sorcerer in the world, an X’s and O’s wizard whose magical schemes move like a clarinet glissando.

But could he also be divine?

The Eagles became the first team in NFL history to start their season 2-0 despite trailing each of their games by 14 or more points.

For two straight weeks their opponents have folded like a carpenter’s ruler down the stretch.

Philly beat the Colts 30-27 in Indianapolis Monday night with a last-second field goal by rookie Cody
Parkey despite finding themselves down 20-6 halfway through the third quarter.

These corpuscle-popping dramatics came after a season opener in which the Birds spotted the Jacksonville Jaguars 17 points in the first half, only to storm back with 34 (count ‘em!) unanswered points.

Not to be a naysayer in the midst of all this miraculous euphoria, but the Eagles’ vaunted passing game is out of sync.

Perhaps DeSean Jackson was more than just a disposable rap artist.

Right now there is a definite disconnect between Nick Foles and wide receivers Jeremy Maclin and Riley
Cooper, who seem more disoriented than folks back in the good ol’ LSD days.

Maclin and Cooper are struggling, which totally sucks when Kelly’s schemes routinely give at least one receiver on every play more space than a wandering dairy cow in Montana.

Thank God (the miracle thing, you know) that multi-purpose back Darren Sproles has been simply heavenly and that Zach Ertz is blossoming into one stud of a tight end.

Foles has been inaccurate when he has had no excuse or reason to be … throwing behind open receivers, rushing to get the ball out on bubble screens, and misplacing his deep ball of last season.

Compounding matters, the Birds dropped at least six passes last night.

If and when the Eagles get their aerial circus performing brilliantly under the big top, miracle comebacks won’t be a mandatory MO.

When you look at the Bush/Cheney Iraq war in the rearview mirror, you see the birth of ISIL

History sure is a funny old possum at times.

Over the centuries there have been some deadly dudes … Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Attila, Hitler, Napoleon.

Of course, times change and now history has served up a deadly threat that sounds like an acronym for an insurance company.

The Psychic Helpline couldn’t have predicted this.

ISIL is one scary terrorist organization, nastier than eating Brussels sprouts.

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has a silly name, but there is nothing silly about this bloody thirsty bunch of crazed zealots.

They get their kicks from seeing their victims dissolve like a sugar lump in water before beheading or crucifying them.

Like a wet Post-in note, nothing seems to stick with them.

The only way to blunt these infidels to is behead them with unrelenting carpet bombing.

In a piece of irony thicker than a $3 steak, these violent creatures were spawned by the loins of war.

The totally unnecessary Bush/Cheney Iraq War and its ill-advised aftermath created the conditions that led directly to the rise of ISIL

The first Bush ousted Saddam Hussein from Kuwait in 1991 but refrained from taking out Baghdad to avoid kicking over the sectarian hornet’s nest unleashed by the second Bush in 2003.

And then George W. exponentially compounded matters by pouring gasoline on the raging fire fueled by the volatile sectarian strife between Sunnis and Shiites.

He eliminated all vestiges of Sunni power in Iraqi society, inadvertently lighting the fuse for the Sunni insurrection against American occupation and the new Shiite-led government.

The younger Bush disbanded the entire Sunni-dominated Iraqi Army and bureaucracy, unwittingly creating a massive vacuum where disenfranchised former commanders in the Saddam-era Iraqi military took root in ISIL.

Why couldn’t Bush and Dick Cheney have realized that they telegraphed this whole mess like a veritable Samuel Morse?

So Roger, just how long can you tread water?

Roger Goodell allegedly is brighter than the sun.

So how could he be so dim during this entire Ray Rice fiasco?

The answer would seem to be he couldn’t … unless it was part of a cover-up or whitewash.

If so, why? I understand protecting the shield.

But ever since Goodell become the commish, he’s been suspending so many players for malfeasance it’s a wonder teams could fill out their rosters at times.

Perhaps he doesn’t think domestic abuse is that big of a deal, which would be a terrible indictment.

Goodell could now be thrust into his own version of Watergate.

And just like Richard Nixon, it may prove to be Goodell’s Waterloo.