Ebola enough to make you stay home and hide under the covers

Ebola suddenly is a nightmare with cold fingers.

Talk about getting a deadly grip on our psyches.

Ebola could be coming to an ER near you.

Or, gulp, me!

Needless to say we all have a vested interest in this, but I fear that our helpless voices are birds trapped inside a tenement building.

Ebola seems to be pitching us over a cliff that hardly will have a soft landing.

Staring into the face of your mortality seldom is a comforting sight.

So the last thing we can afford is pure stupidity.

It seems health care workers treating the original Dallas Ebola patient did not wear protective hazardous material suits for two days until tests confirmed he had the virus.

The delay in using Hazmat suits provided the window in which workers may have been exposed.

The second nurse who was infected inserted catheters, drew blood and dealt with the Ebola patient’s bodily fluids.

News like that will knock anybody on their trousers.

Making matters worse, that nurse flew the day before she felt ill.

You think the 132 passengers on that flight are all now yelping like bacon grease splattering on a hot stove?


One thought on “Ebola enough to make you stay home and hide under the covers

  1. Murray Scott says:

    Well Zeke, ebola turned out to be just another big media scare. Two people have died of it in the U.S. so far and both of them were from somewhere else and had it when they came here. One of the attributes that will serve us well living in these current times is to be not easily scared.

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