Chip Kelly should donate his brain to science

OK, Chip Kelly traded Nick Foles and a fourth-round pick in 2015 and a second-round pick in 2016 to the Rams for Sam Bradford and a fifth-round pick in 2015.

If you ask me, the trade was dumber than asking your wife why she’s putting on weight.

Kelly’s whacky personnel moves are undergoing an intense inquiry because he exhibits an abundance of aggression and a paucity of discretion.

Something is starkly remiss in his redesign of the franchise’s tectonic plates.

And now before the earth turns yet again, it should be vividly apparent that Kelly is not stockpiling weaponry to pluck Marcus Mariota in the first round.

It says here that Bradford is not a trade chip at all. He is, alas, THE guy in Philadelphia

Evidently Kelly coveted Bradford because he amassed gaudy numbers running a spread offense at Oklahoma and because Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shumur was Bradford’s OC his rookie year in 2010.

But Bradford, after two ACL tears, hardly seems like the right guy to run Kelly’s fast-paced offense.

Bradford is so fragile he spews body parts like my 1962 Mercury Comet once did.

Foles, while obviously not fleet of foot, also is a superior athlete to Bradford.

And there reportedly aren’t a lot of NFL GMs who think Bradford is clearly better than Foles, who had one of the most remarkable passing seasons ever in 2013 with 27 touchdown passes and just two interceptions.

Compounding the insanity, Kelly gave the Rams the better draft picks.

After getting fleeced by the Rams, the offseason in Philly clearly has become a tinderbox of fan rebellion.

Stay tuned. The more intense the situation, the more unforeseeable the denouement.


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