DeMarco Murray, grounded in Dallas, set to take flight in Philly

Apparently DeMarco Murray has taken flight from the Cowboys, who ran him into the ground last season, and is poised to join Chip Kelly’s Magical Mystery Traveling Road Show.

Kelly moves almost as many bodies as Boscov’s Travel.

As of this blog was being posted for global consumption, Murray was at the Eagles’ facility where it was expected if that all went well, he would sign with the Birds.

Murray reportedly would get $42 million over five years, with $21 million guaranteed.

That’s a herculean chunk of change for a running back heading into his late 20s.

And a gargantuan risk, since productivity levels on a back battered by a remarkable 392 carries last season usually drop quicker than the needle on a luxury car’s gas gauge.

On the plus side, Kelly’s offensive scheme rewards backs who are decisive and versatile.

A job description that matches Murray’s DNA.

Assuming that Murray circa 2015 resembles Murray circa 2014.

However this pans out, right now it definitely lights up the psyche of Iggles Nation.


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