Once upon a time Jeb Bush evidently thought he was Hispanic

Politicians, being the crafty folks that they are, often try to portray themselves as one of the people they are pandering to for votes.

But likely Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush, whose old man and brother both are former presidents of the United States but not of any Latin American country (according to Wikipedia and confirmed by Rolling Stone), apparently has taken that approach an extra step.

Jeb Bush, who was popular among Spanish-speaking voters while Florida governor, marked himself as “Hispanic” on a 2009 voter registration application.

The circle marked “Hispanic” was checked. The next circle said “White, not Hispanic” and was not checked.

Needless to say, neither Bush nor his parents are Hispanic although his wife, Columba, was born in Mexico.

“My mistake! Don’t think I’ve fooled anyone!” Bush tweeted Monday, responding to a message from his son calling him an “honorary” Latino.

Perhaps Jeb filled out the registration form shortly after eating lunch at Taco Bell.

Don’t be surprised if you see campaign signs saying “Arbusto por presidente” in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods.


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