All hail Mother Nature? Not!

Mother Nature kills a lot of people with her nasty fits of temper.

Which is surprising, considering that she has no known religious or political leanings.

A year ago last May our neighborhood was totally assaulted with hail the size of Volkswagen bugs.

It was almost as if a colossal robot brandishing a monumental machine gun had riddled our roofs, siding, downspouts, gutters, decks, windows, and car roofs, hoods and windows.

Granted, that sort of destruction apparently happens twice a day in the Midwest and South. But zoning ordinances in the Northeast were written to prevent such nonsense.

Of course, we know what a bitch Mother Nature can be, even in more benign experiences like a splashing rig in a downpour making our cars behave like bars of soap in a tidal wave.

There was large hail in the forecast tonight where we live. So far plenty of rain but no hail. Still, all my neighbors are so much tapioca right now.

I’m keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that Mother Nature’s ice maker is on the fritz tonight.

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