Fatal police shootings geysering

There always are some scoundrels sequestered with the saints.

Human nature is not a perfect entity.

Blame Adam and Eve for biting into that damn apple.

I think most of us realize that the vast majority of cops are good cops.

Thank God, because society depends on cops to rein in chaos.

Still, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of people killed by police in the U.S. this year.

According to a Guardian investigation, the 2015 body count reached 500 today after two young black men were shot dead in New York City and Cincinnati, respectively.

That is double the rate of fatal police shootings over the past decade.

More than one in every five peopled killed so far this year were unarmed.

I would hope that almost all fatal police shootings are justified and the unfortunate residue of good cops doing a dangerous job.

Still, the dramatic spike in their number is triggering alarm bells.

The echoes of those bells ringing across the country make it a harsh time to be a cop.

Any fracture in the trust between the populace and the police is even more dangerous than a walk down a dark alley in a bad neighborhood.

In a society honeycombed for survival, respect for the law is paramount.


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