Obama got his Iranian deal but the real nuclear war will be with Congress

The Iranian nuclear deal, a 159-page agreement with five detailed annexes that dwarfs in dimension any term paper I ever wrote, supposedly places tough restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for a phased-in relaxation of international sanctions.

Needless to say, the deal has triggered baleful aftershocks. That witch’s brew of cauldron-bubbling criticism is borne on an active traditional and social media breeze.

President Obama proclaims that under the agreement every pathway to a nuclear weapon would be cut off and it would be based on verification, not trust.

Nevertheless, plenty of throats gulped into their mouths today. Few people relish dancing with the devil.

Now Obama must convince a skeptical Congress that the agreement is the best way to prevent the Middle East from exploding like a gigantic ammo dump explosion.

Congress has 60 days to put the deal’s provisions under a microscope before a possible vote of disapproval.

Obama needs a Hail Mary pass to persuade Congress, and do so against the backdrop of a presidential campaign in which GOP candidates have been trashing his foreign policy for months.

Good luck with that because bashing all things Obama is like champagne to his opponents — it gives their ego bubbly sensations.

This fight is going to be a more dangerous shark attack than anything transpiring off the Carolina coast this summer.


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