Note to The Donald: Trump only matters in bridge

Donald Trump continues to be a lightning rod in the presidential race and sooner or later you wonder when his campaign will be electrocuted.

With a swagger and a snarl, he keeps firing bombastic rhetoric. He seems to relish cracking the whip and leaving welts.

For most folks who spit such inflammatory verbiage, the words would hang like heavy lead in their pockets. But with Trump’s deep pockets, he evidently doesn’t feel the pull of gravity.

Trump said today he does not owe John McCain an apology for saying the Arizona senator is only a war hero “because he was captured.” Trump added that he likes “people who weren’t captured.”

His remarks drew understandable fire not only from Hillary Clinton but also from several fellow Republican presidential candidates.

McCain likely provoked Trump when the former said the real estate mogul was firing up “crazies.”

Trump previously had found himself embroiled in controversy over comments he made last month degrading Mexican immigrants.

While I have met Trump several times, I never had him lie on a couch while I did a Sigmund Freud check on him. So I don’t know whether his instincts often are at war with his judgment. But considering that he shows no evidence of having a filter, it’s probably a moot point.

Sadly, Trump has struck a vein of irrational support in certain segments of the populace.

Nevertheless, the vultures are circling overhead his campaign like a maddened carousel.


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