By destroying his cellphone, Tom Brady gift-wrapped the hammer Roger Goodell dropped on him

Stupidity, like death, taxes, trash and weeds, never seems to leave us.

Roger Goodell wanted to have Tom Brady staked out in the sun over Deflategate and the Patriots’ QB made it a gimme putt for the NFL commish.

Brady is pretty. Pretty stupid that is.

More than his balls were deflated. So was his brain.

He fumbled the ball regarding the investigation surrounding the inflation levels of footballs in January’s AFC title game.

The smoking gun that squeezed the trigger on Goodell’s upholding of Brady’s four-game suspension was Brady destroying his cellphone.

The NFL wanted Brady’s cellphone and the information it held but Brady simply would not hand it over. Perhaps his phone housed nude images of his super model wife.

A four-game suspension does not fit the crime. But it does fit the cover-up.

You don’t have to be Norman Rockwell to draw a parallel between Deflategate and Watergate.

Except that Tom Brady looks much better on camera than Richard Nixon did.


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