A hard vein of uniformity runs through Chip Kelly’s coaching style

Chip Kelly once again has been ambushed by allegations that he is a racist.

Cornerback Brandon Boykin, after Kelly traded him to the Steelers, tweeted that the Eagles head coach “doesn’t understand grown men of our (African-American) culture.”

Boykin is not the first former Eagle to play the race card.

From my perspective, Kelly is the ultimate control freak. He craves uniformity like his next breath. He wants players who buy into his system. If they don’t, he sheds them like a dog sheds fleas. His mindset is not about race or personalities. His singular focus is the team.

He obviously is an oddball, who seemingly has little interest in life outside the football sphere. He isn’t going to relate to his players as individuals. His mentality is that no player is bigger than the team. He only relates to them as cogs in his machine.

While Kelly looks like a chubby imp with a frequent twinkle in his eye, he nevertheless has the burning gaze of a zealot whose narrow focus locks on all things football.

Players on his team have to play his game simply because he holds the keys to the kingdom.


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