There’s nothing debatable about Kasich and Rubio trumping The Donald

If Donald Trump wasn’t leading the field in the Republican presidential sweepstakes, last night’s first debate would have drawn as much interest as a zoning ordinance meeting.

It simply is way too early to get serious about the 2016 presidential election.

Trump’s flamboyant rhetoric and egocentric shenanigans have endeared him to mad-as-hell voters and magnetized media coverage.

Discontent explodes on the gunpowder of his personality.

I believe that the debate was the beginning of the end for Trump. He gradually will be exposed as a man not qualified to govern because he refuses to let facts and reality infiltrate his mind.

Perhaps he doesn’t have time to study up because managing his comb-over swallows up his time.

So Trump resorts to nonsensical bombast. Last night he called American leaders stupid.

On the crowded debate stage, you saw the contrast between the mere firebrand ideological zealots and the politicians who have the skills to actually govern.

If you want my two cents’ worth, the two most impressive candidates were Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Marco Rubio from Florida.

Kasich, obviously not a marquee name nationwide as yet, exuded vision, experience and leadership qualities.

Rubio exhibited commanding stage presence, great enthusiasm and deep policy knowledge.

But like I said, you can’t call a race right out of the starting gate.


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