If the veep jumps in, Biden vs. Hilary might steal some of the spotlight from Trump

With Hillary Clinton’s campaign exhibiting the traction of a golf cart in a blizzard, rumors are ricocheting across the land that Veep Joe Biden is going to plunge into the Democratic presidential primary.

Here’s hoping he does because God knows the Democratic campaign could use some juice. The Republicans have been grabbing all the attention thanks to the mild, meek stately grace of Donald Trump.

Of course, if Biden does run that puts his boss, Barack Obama, in a little bit of a pickle. Does he endorse Biden or Clinton?

The smart move would be not to endorse either but White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that the president could make an endorsement in the Democratic primary.

Granted, that wouldn’t be the first mistake Obama has made. He has developed mistake-making into an art form.

Then again, his endorsement may not mean squat. The president’s political clout was hallowed out like a pumpkin a long time ago.

If Biden were to join the fray and win the nomination, Biden vs. Trump (assuming he doesn’t eventually implode) could be one hairy nightmare.

Trump’s epic comb-over and Biden’s failed hair plugs don’t exactly make them doubles for Chris Hemsworth or Patrick Dempsey.


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