Eagles’ offense putting on quite an exhibition

NFL preseason games are a mirage, totally meaningless except for the season-ending injuries.

Teams don’t game plan, starters make cameo appearances, and guys who soon will be fry cooks at Denny’s do the bulk of the playing.

So mining the gems in exhibition games is fool’s gold.

Still, you would have to be stiffer than Stone Willie used to be at Auman’s Funeral Home not to notice that the Eagles’ offense has been flying higher than Snoop Dogg.

The Birds have scored 115 points in three preseason games, which if you still remember how to divide by 3 without using a calculator, averages 38.3 points per tilt.

Everybody in these parts is waxing poetically about Sam Bradford going 10 for 10 for 121 passing yards and three touchdowns in three series of work against the Packers.

The theory is that if the Eagles can keep Bradford’s knees together with super glue, his golden arm should shine brighter than the sun in Chip Kelly’s offense.

But Eagles’ fans should remain saddled with perspective. The Super Bowl is not a given unless you’re a beer vendor at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, site of Super Bowl 50 (the NFL is switching from Roman to Arabic numerals because its marketing folks discovered few football fans speak Latin these days).


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