Judge vacates Tom Brady’s suspension, letting the air out of Deflategate and Roger Goodell

The man who once upon a time had been king has been dissed big time, reduced to a mere court jester.

The man is Roger Goodell and Judge Richard Berman sacked him and the NFL for a huge loss today.

The judge vacated Tom Brady’s four-game suspension by the NFL, deflating Deflategate even though Goodell plans to appeal

Brady maintained his innocence even when the NFL tried to make its marquee player a scapegoat in a scandal the league let grow to outrageous proportions.

Once the ultimate PR machine, the NFL has lost its touch. Goodell was a moron to try to crucify Brady over such a trivial matter.

When you try to kill a fly with a sledgehammer, you simply wreck your house.

Delflatetegate had been much ado about nothing from the start.

Goodell has painted himself as the no-nonsense tough guy who rules with an iron fist, acting like judge, jury and executioner.

But Goodell keeps getting exposed by the courts, who repeatedly have ruled that NFL justice isn’t in line with the standards of American justice.

I’m surprised that Goodell’s hair isn’t falling out because he has been losing court decisions in clumps.

Today’s ruling let the air out of Goodell’s ego, which once was big enough to cross state lines all by itself.

Some NFL owners have to wonder how the Deflategate debacle was allowed to happen and likely are muttering, “Roger, over and out.”


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