Silly Putty offensive line grounds Eagles

Well, all our jaw muscles lost their grip while watching the abysmal Eagles win an Emmy Sunday for best performance of a train wreck.

The Birds were totally inoffensive — which made them horribly offensive to watch — in a 20-10 debacle of a loss to the Cowboys.

It figures to be a long siege of losses for the Eagles unless the NFL grants them an exception and allows them to arm their offensive linemen with machetes.

The Birds’ defense played well Sunday at the Linc but the offense was totally MIA because the O line was as inept as dairy cows on roller skates.

The offensive linemen, especially the two journeymen guards Chip Kelly the novice GM plugged in to replace the two outstanding guards he let go in the offseason, were pathetic.

Kelly’s whole offense starts with the run game and there can be no ground transportation when the opponent keeps blowing up trestles in your transit system.

Poor DeMarco Murray, who led the NFL in rushing behind that crackerjack Dallas O line, should sue his current O line for non-support.

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