Eagles ruin their winless season

Apparently the Eagles aren’t quite ready to be affixed toe tags and laid out on a coroner’s table.

Zip-three in the NFL is a death penalty. One-two means you still have a pulse.

Considering that the NFC East is relatively comatose (the Cowboys are 2-1 but more banged up than a demolition derby car), the Birds’ pulse isn’t faint.

After Sunday’s 24-17 win over the Jets at MetLife Stadium, the Eagles may no longer be marooned in a rather grim situation.

The defense played terrific, racking up four takeaways. Rookies Jordan Hicks and Eric Rowe made some big plays at linebacker and in the secondary, respectively.

And the offensive line finally got around to blocking somebody, with Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles running to daylight instead of catacomb darkness. And that 89-yard punt return by Sproles was sweet, skittering and accelerating like a water bug running across hot coals.

But before everybody starts saying that DeMarco Murray suddenly is a stiff and should be chained to the bench once his hammy heals, keep in mind that the OL was the culprit for his terrible first two games.

Blocking and rushing are a matter of stimulus and response. Even Freud knew that.

Still, the offense sucked in the second half. Sam Bradford lacks accuracy, even through he throws mostly 4-yard dump-offs. He rarely looks downfield. He strictly is a caretaker at this point, operating a horizontal passing game. A big reason why is the Birds essentially have one wideout — Jordan Matthews.

If the Eagles can’t start going long at times, they won’t be going long enough to be playoff-bound.

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