People with mental health problems shouldn’t even be allowed to buy squirt guns

God knows, we have enough terrorist nuts spanning the globe who want to eat us for lunch, not to mention for dinner and dessert as well.

So why the hell are we terrorizing ourselves at home, with mass shootings tragically becoming almost commonplace?

It’s the same scenario spooling over and over in an endless bloody loop … bullets flying, people dying, people crying, our president expressing anguish and frustration over congressional inaction on gun control laws, and a Republican-controlled Congress refusing to acknowledge that gun ownership is NOT the answer to gun violence.

Except for a 24-hour news cycle, Americans have become numb to the repetitive carnage. Outside of the shooting victims and their families, throats no longer gulp into mouths. Righteous indignation has the shelf life of a fruit fly.

Talk about trading our humanity for passivity.

So the nightmare continues as we become helpless victims of an apocalyptic axis of too many nuts with too many guns.

The gunman who authored the deadly attack on a small community college in Oregon Thursday was described by law enforcement sources today as a hate-filled individual with anti-religion and white supremacist leanings who long has struggled with mental health issues.

Shoot me if I’m wrong, but it’s totally insane that a demented dude like this should have been able to legally purchase 13 weapons.

He wore body armor and was armed with three handguns and an assault rifle as his shooting rampage left nine dead and 10 wounded.

If we’re gonna keep selling guns to nuts like this, why don’t we also give them one-way tickets to the Middle East where they can shoot up ISIS?

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