The Eagles may not walk with the saints, but they walked through the Saints

Not to dip into the swirling chaos of hyperbole, but if the Eagles had lost to the Saints Sunday at the Linc, the Birds and Chip Kelly would have been toast that nobody around here would want to eat.

Indeed, that would have been a debacle difficult to digest.

Well, Eagles fans can swallow without fear, at least for another week.

The Birds finally stuck Moe Momentum into their lineup in the second half for a 39-17 pasting of New Orleans, where the Devils apparently have replaced the Saints.

Granted, the Eagles were a sickly, pale lime green early in the game.

Sam Bradford, looking like the biggest bust since Morganna the Kissing Bandit was bouncing around in full glory at major league ballparks everywhere, uncorked two coyote-ugly interceptions.

But Bradford’s ghastly play this season suddenly was replaced by a serviceable quarterback who could throw more than needless check-down throws.

Take me now Lord for I’ve lived to see the Promised Land.

And DeMarco Murray actually was in a rush. Seeing him actually gain yardage was akin to watching a miracle break a sweat.

About time on both counts.

The Eagles are 2-3 and can climb back to the Land of Mediocrity at .500, not to mention get a divisional victory, by beating the Giants a week from Monday night.

But, as Socrates once philosophized rather weakly, it’s a week-to-week league.

One thought on “The Eagles may not walk with the saints, but they walked through the Saints

  1. Great take, as usual, Zeke. Keep up the good work. Sorry to hear what went down at the Iggle; guess we can thank the Little Prince (Barbey) for that. You deserved better.

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