For better or worse, there’s no debate that Hillary stands out

From my selfish writer’s perspective, I would love it if the Democratic presidential field had a dynamic new face with the chops and savvy to make the Democratic primary season worthwhile blogging about.

Then again, I also want a 30-inch waist and a head of hair full enough to sprout from a paperback romance novel’s cover.

Alas, there seems to be no Sir Galahad or Eleanor of Aquitaine on the horizon.

And by the way, if Joe Biden does jump in the race after his lunch today with President Obama, just remember he is the polar opposite of a dynamic new face.

Granted, Biden vs. Hillary Clinton would be a tad more exciting then Clinton verbally sparring with ancient upstart outsider Bernie Sanders.

After last night’s first Democratic debate, it was amply clear that Hillary is the class of the field despite her stumbling campaign start when she couldn’t water if she fell out of a boat.

Of course, outside of Sanders, the other three candidates could be Moe, Larry and Curly and court more attention.

Speaking of Sanders, he delivered a win-win comment, a boost for himself and Clinton, when he said that “the American people are sick and tired about hearing about your (Hillary) damn emails.”

Clinton’s performance was poised and polished last night, her confident demeanor perhaps dampening speculation that there is a place for Biden in the race.

Hillary also was firm in defending herself against claims that she flip flops on issues for political gain despite the fact that she flip flops more than even the flip flops I wear constantly at home.

Personally, I’m tired of Hillary Clinton being on center stage. Her presence seems older than dirt.

I would much prefer it if she would simply spend her time taking walks in the woods bordering long par 4s (like many Americans) and use long black stretch limos to tour flea markets (unlike many Americans).

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