Eagles’ crunching defense morphs the Giants into midgets

Granted, the Eagles’ 27-7 win over the Giants Monday night at the Linc to take over first place in the pathetic NFC East at 3-3 on a tiebreaker was about as sexy as a Rotary Club poker night.

Still, it was a crucial victory. If the Eagles had lost their third division game of the year, their window of playoff opportunity would be inching toward the sill of past tense.

Once again people were wondering WTF Chip Kelly was thinking and drinking when he traded for Sam Bradford, who uncorked three more interceptions. This guy is more picky than a zealous CPA. He now has thrown a ghastly nine picks this season, including an astonishing four picks in the red zone.

The offense is downright offensive and not in a good way. One wonders if there possibly can be enough glue and duct tape in the world to put everything back the way it once was in the Birds’ offense two years ago before Kelly started jettisoning key players like so much flotsam.

Fortunately the Eagles defense was dealing destruction more adroitly than a blackjack dealer last night.

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans turned the game around with an interception that he pried out of the hands of Giants TE Larry Donnell but the injury-afflicted Ryans had to exit the game courtesy of an injured hamstring.

The dominance of the Birds’ defensive line was the story of the game, stopping the run and mounting a strong pass rush that dramatically cooled off Giants QB Eli Manning, who had been hotter than a skillet.

Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry, Connor Barwin and Brandon Graham continually flexed their muscles and fortunately rendered all of Bradford’s escapades into futility a moot point.

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