The Eagles’ offense has been on a bye all season

The Eagles are on a bye. Truth be told, I almost took a bye this week on blogging about the Birds’ 27-16 flameout against the Panthers in Carolina.

Following the fortunes of a local pro team is a mystic pursuit of intoxicating passion.

You’re either deliriously happy or rattlesnake angry.

Therefore it’s not surprising that many Eagles fans are downright pissed that when Chip Kelly put his autograph over the franchise by seizing personnel control in the offseason he left a wayward signature.

The Eagles are 3-4 and the only thing remotely positive about their plight is that the entire NFC East reeks like a restaurant dumpster.

Remember when Chip’s offense used to burn fast and burn bright? Now that the fire has been extinguished by Kelly’s dubious personnel moves, it’s time to dump the ashes before they soil our shoes.

The Eagles are a mess on offense because Kelly’s hand-picked parts have stalled what once was a high performance engine.

If their defense wasn’t so stout, the Eagles would be an absolute scream of terror.

Perhaps it’s a good thing they aren’t playing Halloween weekend. After all, how many ghosts, goblins and ghouls can we put up with?

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