With so much flotsam adrift in the voyage to the presidency, we must comb the roiling seas to find a real Captain America

So is there nobody out there who would make a good president?

The United States has a large population. And all we get to choose from is Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio and the remainder of the gaggle chirping to be president?

Say it’s not so, Mr. and Mrs. America.

It’s like going out to eat and there’s nothing appealing on the menu.

Is our gene pool this freaking shallow?

I don’t care whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican or an independent, there has to be a Chosen One out there somewhere in our vast land with the marvelous skill set, expertise, intelligence and eloquence to be our next Great Shepherd and deliver us all from evil.

It’s time for a Prodigy of Enlightenment to step from the shadows of obscurity and lead us to the Promised Land.

Perhaps if we all turn our sofas over, the Anointed One will fall out amidst the loose change and pretzel crumbs.


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