The GOP debate once again is much ado about nothing

For some strange surreal reason that I plan to discuss with my shrink, I once again subjected myself to watching the GOP debate last night.

I must say that nothing that was said went off like a bedspring in my head.

Again, why do we need so many damn debates? They simply are verbal chess matches played with naked brain waves.

Nothing new really happened Tuesday night to change the landscape of the presidential sweepstakes.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson maintained their status quo as frontrunners, which is a sad indictment on the IQ levels of the people being polled.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz attracted more buzz, but will it translate into a big sting?

Jeb Bush, who just could cure insomnia if he appeared regularly on television, somehow lived to fight another day.

Chris Christie stood out on the undercard but does it matter?

And all the Republican candidates worship Wall Street. Indeed, I could almost smell the incense seeping from my flat screen.



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