Turkey Day: The Lions carve up the Eagles

Forgive the play on words concerning Thanksgiving. That is what writers do.

The Eagles are now Turkeys.

They now have given up 45 points in consecutive games, mustering up only 17 themselves against the Bucs and 14 against the Lions on Thanksgiving.

Opposing quarterbacks have thrown five touchdowns and no interceptions in back-to-back games and Tom Brady is next.

Granted, the Eagles have injuries. So do many other NFL teams.

Whatever, they can’t block, they can’t tackle, they can’t cover, they can’t score.

Chip Kelly claims every player is giving 100 percent. If so, why are they playing like mutineers?

It seems they’ve been Chipwrecked.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a wonderful holiday when the smell of delicious food cooking is sweeter than perfume.

It was a little hard to digest all those goodies after watching the Lions tear out the Birds’ gizzards and eat them raw.


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