Time for Obama and Putin to get on the same page and close the book on ISIS

President Barack Obama met with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday in Paris about Syria and fighting Islamic terrorists.

Reportedly nothing substantial came out of their talks.

Which figures.

Now is not the time to cluck like dowagers.

Now is the time for the United States to get in bed with the Russians and have the two countries assemble a broad coalition of powers to battle Islamic State extremists.

After all, the two seemingly have exhausted all the platonic possibilities.

Sadly, mounting joint military efforts against ISIS continues to be stymied because Obama wants Bashar al-Assad neutered in Syria while Putin insists on propping him up with Viagra-like support.

Obama also wants Putin to focus military action solely on ISIS rather than the moderate opposition.

Strategic differences on Syria and rival bombing campaigns are preventing the two from rallying resources in World War ISIS.

A damn shame. And a fatal shame for future victims of terrorism.


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