America: The land of mass killings

It’s painfully obvious that America needs more mass shootings like the equator needs more sun.

The U.S. is plagued by more eruptions of slaughter than any other place on Earth.

It’s a primal problem. No civilized society should suffer such frequent mass sacrifices of innocents.

It happened again yesterday and once again throats gulped into mouths.

A husband and wife, leaving behind their 6-month-old daughter, murdered 14 people and injured 21 more at an employee banquet in San Bernardino, Calif.

They fired as many as 75 rifle rounds in the assault, left behind three rigged-together pipe bombs with a remote-control device that apparently malfunctioned, and had over 1,600 more bullets with them when they were gunned down in their SUV.

Wearing black tactical gear and wielding assault rifles, Syed Rizwan Farook, a 28-year-old county restaurant inspector, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27, opened fire at a social service center shortly after he slipped away from a banquet he was attending there.

Four hours later and a few miles away, the couple were shot to death in their rented vehicle in a furious gun battle with police. During the shootout, the couple fired 76 rounds while law officers unleashed about 380.

At their home, the couple had 12 pipe bombs, tools for making more such explosives, and over 3,000 more rounds of ammunition.

Apparently it was their civil right to stockpile such an arsenal, as the gun advocates always preach.

But what about the civil rights of the 14 murder victims and the 21 poor folks riddled with bullets?

The motive of the murderous couple still remains shrouded in mystery as the FBI and police sift for clues.

Officials say the mass shooting was possibly terrorist-related but also could have been a workplace dispute.

It could be that the killers had more than one motivation.

Perhaps we will never know what triggered their fatal snapping point.

At times people who feel screwed allow self-restraint to fracture and burst into terrifying explosions of anger.

But considering that this couple had inordinate preparation and ammo, it very well could be they could have been terrorists.

As we have seen, these bloodthirsty zealots cook with a griddle that throws inordinate heat.

All flames eventually fizzle.

But this flame could take a long time to do so.


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