Playoffs? Eagles were talking playoffs? What were they smoking?

All the doomsday talk of Armageddon and Apocalypse is huddling up in Philadelphia.

The Eagles are 6-9 and out of the playoffs.

With a losing season, Chip Kelly has made himself a pariah.

Nevertheless, he seems detached from the nuclear holocaust while perched in his own cocoon of concentration, in communion only with himself.

Once upon a time considered to be an aloof genius, we now discover that Kelly’s mind is camped out on Jupiter.

An NFL team is like a river fed by 50-some tributaries, but a few manic whirlpools can capsize the ship.

Some of the Eagles’ racehorses failed to rev it up down the stretch when feeling the crop. Rather, they quit.

The Birds lost to the Redskins 38-24 Saturday night at the Linc because they once again were incredibly sloppy, terribly undisciplined and a sieve on defense.

I wish Jeff Lurie simply would give Kelly the boot with an infinite hang time.

But it says here the owner won’t punt on Chip.

A decision that will make Iggles Nation lime green with nausea.


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