Jeff Lurie surprisingly quick tempo in guillotining Chip Kelly

Jeff Lurie always had a slow trigger finger. If he had been a gunfighter, he would have been dead years ago.

Patient to a fault, he waited at least a year too long to pull the trigger on Andy Reid.

So you just had to know that his boiling point had to be hotter than a witch’s cauldron when he suddenly flashed a quick trigger finger Tuesday night and abandoned Chip a week before the season finale.

It had to be a difficult decision for Lurie, who bought Chip Kelly’s whole crock and remade the entire franchise in Chip’s image.

Kelly made enormous changes in the way the Eagles do everything, from their practice schedules to their diets and sleep habits. Three years of sports science and smoothies. And one playoff appearance.

One thing he couldn’t change was the axiom that absolute power corrupts.

Lurie made a colossal blunder when he gave Kelly full personnel control. Kelly soon began dealing destruction more adroitly than a blackjack dealer, jettisoning blue chippers for ham and eggers.

No wonder in recent weeks that Kelly was babbling nonsense and sporting a bleached look to his eyes.

He had a fixed mindset with his quick tempo offense that was so kindergarten simplistic that opposing coordinators soon were quick to decipher it.

Kelly trumpeted culture over scheme and scheme over talent in a league where talent reigns supreme.

Chip’s bizarre offseason roster makeover was intended to go from good to great. Instead, he went from good to bad to ugly in a season populated with ugly, fundamentally-flawed losses.

Kelly’s dismissal represents a shocking fall from grace for a guy who not too long ago was considered to be the plum of every major college program looking for a Messiah.

The once upon time heralded gridiron guru at Oregon now is a dead Duck.

As for the Eagles, the entire football culture will have to be rebuilt from  rubble. Lurie now is paying a terrible price for his mistrust in Mr. Chip.

At least he had the gumption to say Goodbye Mr. Chip.

Resurrections take time. If they even take place at all.


One thought on “Jeff Lurie surprisingly quick tempo in guillotining Chip Kelly

  1. Timothy M. Antosy says:

    One of the things that irked me more than anything is the Eagles DC and how Chip let him run that defence into the ground. I know the uptempo the Eagles pressured the defenders but some of the things that happened to the defense just kept happening over and over. Last year as an example the Eagles put their worse corner man to man with Dez Bryant and gave him no safety help the result of course was 3 TD’s in that game. Again this year he allowed his rookie corner to cover Megatron from Detroit same scenario, no safety help and the same results. Right then the DC should have been gone. These are things that tear a team apart and Kelly was pretty good at it. I might be wrong but if I am an owner or GM I would have to think twice before I bring him in. To me he is a college coach and I hope he now understands that and goes back to college.

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