The Old Man vs. The Kid in this Super tussle

So now it’s onto Super Bowl 50.

By the way, the Super Bowl no longer is being counted in Roman numerals. Like the Roman Catholic Church years ago, the NFL has seen the light that Latin is a dead language. Caesar is rolling over in his grave.

For the third straight year, the Super Bowl will be a matchup of top seeds, the Panthers in the NFC and the Broncos in the AFC.

But this year’s Super Bowl is the first-ever matchup of passers who went No. 1 in the NFL draft, Peyton Manning in 1998 and Cam Newton in 2011.

If you can do the math, that’s a gap of 13 years. And even a much bigger disparity in arm velocity. Newton has a howitzer. Manning has a linguini noodle.

Which gives the Panthers a better offense, especially with Newton’s bulldozer running capability. Manning, meanwhile, has the mobility of a cemetery.

Both teams have excellent defenses but the Panthers pack more firepower offensively.

In the Manning-Tom Brady era, the torch is being passed to Newton. And it definitely is not too hot for his touch.

A Super Bowl title for Cam will punctuate the transition.


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