Does anybody actually know anybody from Iowa and New Hampshire?

After an endless loop of debates spanning months, the presidential campaign at last moved into the voting stage Monday with the Iowa caucuses.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows and often houses the cagiest inner circles since Cardinal Richelieu.

For example, Iowa and New Hampshire are the leadoff states in the process.

God knows why.

Iowa and New Hampshire hardly mirror the country as a whole. Their demographics and the rest of the country are not a match. For starters, they are whiter than the Oscar nominees.

Still, politicians who wash upon the rocks in either state often have their presidential campaigns shipwrecked.

Blatantly unfair, in my humble opinion. Litmus tests in Iowa and New Hampshire should be totally irrelevant.

Ted Cruz won the Iowa GOP caucuses because of strong evangelical support and a ground force to rival Genghis Khan’s barbarians.

At least Cruz’s victory triggered some seepage from the Donald Trump Hot Air Balloon.

In the Democratic caucuses, the night seemed as if it had no end as Hillary Clinton nosed out Bernie Sanders in a photo finish.

The fact that an avowed socialist like Sanders has Hillary locked in a death match demonstrates how repellant many Democrats find her. Must be her pants suits.


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