Denver defense absolutely SuperDuper

Well, as we have sadly discovered time and time again, all pregame Super Bowl chatter is nonsensical babble.

Despite the incessant two-week narrative, Super Bowl 50 was not Peyton Manning’s or Cam Newton’s Super Bowl.

This most emphatically was the Denver defense’s Super Bowl.

Percussive and concussive, they totally thrashed Newton’s Superman cover and carved him up like a Halloween pumpkin 24-10 in a defensive masterpiece played Sunday night between all the commercials.

The Broncos stonewalled the usually unstoppable Carolina offense by taking away its sweeps and counters with incredible gap discipline, and removing the consistency of its inside power and option run game with the magnificent play of ends Derek Wolfe and Malik Jackson.

Then there was that one-man wrecking crew named Von Miller. The dude is a hurricane force of nature and Newton will be seeing him in his nightmares for sometime to come.

Granted, the Manning storyline has some merit since he finally got his second Super Bowl ring, even though he has been sputtering on fumes all season. The years are murder on once-luminescent quarterbacks.

Both offenses were totally inoffensive. Which made them damn offensive to watch.

As noted football scholar Socrates once said to Vince Lombardi over breakfast one morning, “Defense wins championships.”



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