A split personality can lead to side-splitting laughs! Read all about it!

“Jack Daniels on the Rocks” — a novel by Michael Zielinski

John Daniels is an outstanding criminal defense attorney who finally indulges his lifelong fantasy and reinvents himself as a rock singer known as Jack Daniels.

He soon finds himself caught in the crossfire of handling two divergent careers plus a rocky new love relationship with the free-spirited Ashley Dupree.

His struggle to find his true inner self reaches a ceasefire between his two dueling passions when he decides to leave his law practice behind and capitalize on his skyrocketing music career as a vocalist who sounds just like The Doors’ Jim Morrison come back to life.

The ceasefire proves to be brief as the crime of the century lures him back to his hometown just as he and his band Coffeemate are ready to begin recording and touring.

Daniels, in a tour de force of resolve, energy and complication, attempts to straddle the cross-country tightrope while juggling the demands of two starkly different worlds.

Available on BookLocker.com, BooksAMillion.com, and Amazon.com. Soon it also will be on BarnesandNoble.com.





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