Mitt Romney to the rescue? Good luck with that!

After Donald Trump swept through Super Tuesday, establishment Republicans are traveling down subterranean rivers of despair and crossing valleys of agony.

So they are trotting out old warhorse Mitt Romney.

Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee, will deliver a speech Thursday on the state of this year’s presidential race as the party scrambles to find a way to block Trump.

At this point, that’s a very tough job but some schmuck has to do the dirty work.

That schmuck is Romney, who was too stiff to beat a vulnerable Barack Obama four years ago.

The GOP thought they had a great grip on the White House in 2012 until something strange and surreal popped out of nowhere to shake things loose — Romney’s utterly pathetic campaign performance.

Romney, a quintessential establishment candidate, has emerged recently as a prominent critic of Trump just as his party is in disarray over the nomination race, with concern swirling that Trump would lose to likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in November and tarnish the party’s standing.

The Republicans obviously are six exits beyond Desperation City if their last gasp spokesman to derail the Trump runaway train is Mitt Romney.


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