Trump claims he’s hung but he gets hung out to dry in an embarrassing, emasculating GOP debate

Donald Trump told America last night that even though he has been accused of having small hands, he has an ample package down below.

He did flash his hands but thank the Lord he didn’t flash his penis.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz may not be able to beat Trump, but they gave Trump a beating Thursday night.

Some of the shots Trump took must have lodged some of his molars in his kidneys.

Suffice it to say that Trump hardly was as unflappable as an English butler as he absorbed all the incoming tracer fire.

Their mantra was Trump is a liar, a con man and a fraud but pledged to support him if he becomes the nominee.

Politics sure makes for strange bedfellows, an observation you now have heard for the first time.

The only adult in the room was John Kasich, who has class, experience and the dignity worthy of a presidential candidate.

He also is smart enough not to wallow in the mud like the others.

Sadly, Kasich doesn’t excite voters because he couldn’t light up a room even if he had 100-watt bulbs sticking out of both ears.


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