Anybody playing the Trump card isn’t playing with a full deck

Let’s face it, Donald Trump has been performing the same old carnival act for years, but the spotlight of the presidential campaign has enlarged it.

This guy is the ultimate hustler, and in this election he is hustling all the many unfortunates who have only one brain cell remaining lit.

No wonder that Trump’s pitch seems malignant and sinister to some and inspired and revolutionary to others.

He loves to start fires but he won’t piss on them to put them out. Rather, he delights in watching them burn down to ash while squirting his piss into the punch bowl of proper presidential decorum.

Donald Trump’s entire campaign has been a selfie of pure selfishness.

He summons violence with his rhetoric and has created a real firestorm at his rallies, spawning widespread altercations among his supporters, detractors and authorities.

Less than 48 hours after he canceled a planned event in Chicago and 24 hours after some nut rushed at him on stage, Trump said Sunday that he is standing by his antagonistic campaign rhetoric, rejecting any responsibility for violence at his rallies and defending his supporters who have been charged with assaulting protesters.

This dude is thicker than the core of Jupiter.

Considering that this train wreck is the Republican frontrunner, what the hell America has wrought?


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