This year the Big Dance doesn’t turn sour on Villanova, which waltzes into the Sweet 16

The NCAA basketball tournament is all about busting brackets and hearts.

Nobody’s heart has been busted more than Villanova’s in recent years.

Whenever March Madness arrived each spring, Villanova teetered towards ignominy.

Champs in the regular season, they would suddenly morph into chumps in the postseason.

All their assets would instantly go MIA. They would suddenly have so many weak spots that one would need to hire a patrol to find any sign of a strong spot.

Each season their fall from grace was enough to make an atheist fall on his knees, not ideal for a Catholic university.

Until Sunday when the Wildcats immolated Iowa 87-68 in the second round to advance to the Sweet 16 since their Final Four season of 2009.

Villanova had failed to advance beyond the second round of the tournament as a No. 1 or a No. 2 seed in 2010, 2014 and 2015.

So it is somewhat astonishing that the Wildcats sprinted to such an overwhelming victory Sunday, considering all the skeletons of past tourney failures chained to their ankles.


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