Carson Wentz a quarterback draft prospect who could make the quantum leap to NFL stardom

With the Final Four coming up this weekend, Major League Baseball about to open its marathon season and the Masters soon to tee it up, next month’s NFL draft isn’t the immediate cup of Gatorade for most sports fans.

Except for draftniks such as myself.

To me, the most intriguing prospect in this year’s annual lottery of meat on the hoof is quarterback Carson Wentz of North Dakota State.

Wentz was quite the stud at North Dakota State, an elite program on the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision level.

A level that hardly compares to the SEC.

NFL draft experts and pundits debate like medieval theologians on the merits of prospects because the scouting of just who will be an NFL star can be a mystic pursuit even with all sorts of measurables and analytics.

That’s because greatness — that witch’s brew of talent and passion, of physical and mental vitality — many times defies foreshadowing.

Which is why very few NFL head coaches and general managers are novelists.

Wentz (6-5, 233) is a prospect who seems to have everything you would want in a potential NFL quarterback.

He demonstrated that at the Senior Bowl with a strong week that showed off his arm talent. At the combine, Wentz was the most impressive quarterback throwing the ball.

Wentz has a good arm, size, athleticism, pocket presence, field vision, experience under center, the ability to make play calls in the huddle, and potential to grow in the NFL.

The big challenge for him will be the drastic change in the speed of the game coming from North Dakota State’s opponents compared to the NFL.

I just hope that the Cleveland Browns don’t take him with the No. 2 pick.

The Browns have a sad history of drafting quarterbacks in the first round, busts strangled by a contractive spasm of insufficient skill.


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