The ultimate bracket and ball buster

You couldn’t blame James Kiki for hoping that somebody would shove him under a guillotine.

Because the poor guy lost his head at crunch time.

Heading into Final Four weekend, Kiki is tied for first place out of more than 500,000 entries in Yahoo’s contest.

Alas, he has no chance to win the $50,000 grand prize because he didn’t pick a winner for the national title game.

I am not making this up.

When it came to picking the national champ, Kiki choked in the clutch and left that blank on his bracket.

An oversight like that would stretch me to the snapping point.

Kiki said he was planning to pick Villanova to beat North Carolina in the championship game. Now, he’s just rooting for Syracuse because that’s where he lives

Jahmo Syracuse is the name of his bracket. His Final Four is perfect, and he’s made 48 correct picks out of 60 possible games.

But all that remarkable picking is just so much meaningless foreshadowing when you overlook the denouement.


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