If the Eagles draft Ezekiel Elliott, yours truly will have a ball blogging about a fellow Zeke

The NFL Draft is coming up later this month and Eagles fans are crossing their fingers, toes and eyes hoping that restored GM Howie Roseman will give some linear thought to who he plucks with the No. 8 pick in the first round.

Assuming, of course, Roseman’s intuition goes places where reason is barred and doesn’t mortgage the franchise’s future in a bold gambit of trading up to land either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz, depending on which one the Rams grab with the first pick.

NFL front office types play poker this time of year when discussing the draft so be a bit cautious about Roseman raving about multidimensional Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott Monday.

Suffice it to say I am a bit partial to a guy whose nickname is Zeke. Only great men are honored to sport such a moniker.

While conventional wisdom these days proclaims you don’t draft a running back in the first round in a league that is one passing fancy, Elliott has the potential to enter folklore as a three-down running back.

“It’s hard to find three-down backs, so when you get a chance to look at someone like that, it changes the discussion,” Roseman said. “They’re certainly on your board.”

The Eagles have traded away the NFL’s leading rusher from 2013 and 2014 the last two offseasons.

They shipped 2013 rushing leader LeSean McCoy to the Bills after the 2014 season and unloaded 2014 rushing leader DeMarco Murray to the Titans last month after just one season in Philly.

Otherwise they wouldn’t be in dire need of a running back. But we shall leave that in the dustbin of history.

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