Eagles go off the deep end, deep enough for even Goliath to go skinny dipping there

OK, the Eagles shipped a boatload of premium picks to the Browns to move up to the No. 2 pick in the draft.

If you don’t think the Birds aren’t going to pluck a quarterback, you likely need to be briefed on how to put on your underwear.

Howie Roseman sure as hell rolled the dice on this blockbuster.

Funny thing, he hardly looks like a poker player. No swagger.

I sometimes doubt his football decisions because he looks about as athletic as a tablespoon.

But that’s superficial me.

There is a lot of mineral product from which to mine interesting takes from a transaction such as this.

I will just say this: The Eagles had damn better be right.

Of course, nobody really knows if Jared Goff or Carson Wentz will be a franchise quarterback. And the Birds don’t even know — publically at least — if they are getting Wentz or Goff.

The Birds will get the Rams’ leftover pizza. L.A. supposedly likes Goff and the Eagles like Wentz.

If the Birds are wrong on this epic gamble, they likely will be having impassioned chats with their deity as they peer into the gargantuan void of despair.

If they are correct, they got themselves a stud quarterback.

Right now all they have guaranteed themselves is a chance.

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