Obama fires back; says Trump’s yapping is helping ISIS

Ah, yes! The purple poetry of politics certainly can send eyes skittering off into the corners.

By turns mocking, frustrated and angry, President Obama Tuesday unleashed a blistering denunciation of Donald Trump, arguing that his rhetoric about Muslims betrays American values and risks helping al-Qaida and ISIS.

Obama’s remarks came a day after Trump charged that the president’s refusal to blame attacks like the mass shooting in Orlando on “radical Islam” proved he placed political correctness above the need to keep Americans safe.

The president dismissed Trump’s argument as partisan “yapping,” “a political talking point” and “loose talk and sloppiness” that shows ignorance about how to fight ISIS.

Trump obviously has a talent for provocation.

Riling up Obama can be a challenge because he normally is as placid as an idyllic pond.

Not this time. Obama came out swinging with fire in his heart and lightning on his lips.

I guess the prez does indeed have a pulse.


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