The black and white of all this violence: Color America with the crimson of shame

In the aftermath of the horrific eruption of racial killings searing this country’s soul, it’s time to catch a riff of retrospection and ponder why in the hell we have such an intolerable cycle of violence.

These senseless murders have worked over our emotions with a tire iron.

Breathing in air redolent with the musk of blood lust is an anguishing experience.

Suddenly we feel like prisoners of lost time. Wasn’t there a civil rights movement in America once upon a time?

There is an undercurrent of hate bubbling below the surface that geysers up whenever flash points of friction trigger a glandular, irrational response.

This toxic infection is alarmingly extrapolated when firearms are as abundant as people in this nation.

It would be wonderful if we could remove the hinge on the door that would open a better tomorrow.

Sadly we are stuck with the tragedy of today.


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