From Russia, but not with love

Well, it sure as hell looks like the Russians hacked the emails revealing DNC officials tried to undermine Bernie Sanders.

Hardly shocking that the Russians would do the hacking or that the pro-Hillary DNC wasn’t playing fair.

This is not a world made up strictly of lollipops and balloons.

Russia likely had two motives: discredit our political system (RNC and DNC delegates really don’t need much help in doing that)) and give an edge to Donald Trump, who has been kissing up to Vladimir Putin — a guy who in turn despises Hillary.

I bet you a shot of vodka that a Trump Tower will be coming soon to Moscow.

Two other Democratic convention observations:

Michelle Obama hit it absolutely out of the park. The Phillies should sign her now that she is job hunting.

I now am in love with Sarah Silverman, whose “To the ‘Bernie-or-bust’ people: You’re being ridiculous!” will be the signature line of the convention.


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